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4 Reasons to Avoid DIY Roof Repairs and Call Roofing Experts

Sometimes when the roof needs repair, you might be tempted to climb up on it and repair it yourself. However, a DIY roof repair is an idea that should never see the light of day, as you can worsen an already bad situation or even injure yourself. No matter how many DIY YouTube videos you watch, you do not have the requisite roofing training. Leave all roof repairs to a licensed and professional roofing contractor. Discover more reasons why you should shelf the idea of DIY roof repair and call the pros.

1. Resale Value

If you plan to sell your home someday, repairing the roof yourself can ruin the home’s resale value. A roof that lacks professional installation is often a big turn-off to potential home buyers. Home inspectors can easily pick out any unprofessional work on the roof.

2. Warranty

Most roofing material companies require only professionals to install their products, a sign that their products are top quality. Any DIY repair, even to just to replace several shingles, could void any warranty, and you will have to pay for repair costs from your pocket. With a warranty in place, you can rest assured that the manufacturer will repair or replace your roof if anything goes wrong. However, the warranty only counts if you hire a reliable roofing company to carry out the repairs.

3. Accidents

If you choose the DIY route, your roof is not the only thing in danger — you are too. Climbing a roof is a dangerous affair, as is walking on it, especially if you try to repair a sloped surface. A flat roof is not always safe either because strong winds can make it hard to maintain your balance on top of your house. A serious accident or injury or accident can happen as you move up and down the ladder with all the tools. Falling off the roof is also quite easy if you are not using the proper safety equipment. Why expose yourself to all that danger when you can hire a professional to handle the job for you? Expert roofing contractors know the safest ways to navigate all the roofing challenges. They also come with all the necessary tools and equipment to do the work efficiently without a hitch.

4. Costs

A DIY roof installation often results in increased costs. What was a money-saving move could end up costing a lot more than expected because you have to spend money on materials and everything else you need for the job. Sometimes, you might mess up the roof without knowing, and you will only realize it when the roof starts leaking. Also, the chances of liking the outcome of your work are often minimal because you usually lack the expertise to carry out neat repairs. Even worse, what you considered a quick patch-up job might compromise your roof’s appearance and spoil your home’s curb appeal. Fortunately, you can lean on professional roofing contractors so you will not have to worry about such mistakes. The pros will do the job right the first time, whether replacing the entire roof or a few misplaced shingles. Many DIY roof repairs only last a few months. On the other hand, professional roofers have the tools, experience, and skills to produce durable roofing results. Avoid DIY roof repairs and contact Rays Harford Home Improvement Contractors Inc. to request an estimate. We look forward to providing long-lasting, professional roof repairs and services so that you do not have to worry about ever doing any DIY repairs yourself. Let us prove our experience with quality results you can count on.

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