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4 Reasons to Install Rubber Roof Shingles

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Choosing the right roof shingles isn’t always a simple decision. You have to find a material you like the look of that is also strong and durable enough to do a good job.
As you look at options, don’t forget to add rubber shingles to your shortlist. Rubber doesn’t just work well on flat roofs — you can also buy it as shingles for some sloped and pitched roofs. What are the advantages of using this roofing material?

1. Choose Different Finishes

Some homeowners worry that a rubber roof won’t look as attractive as other options. However, these shingles don’t have to look like rubber at all. You can install shingles that look like different materials like slate, tiles, or wood shakes. You can also paint a rubber roof to get the exact color you want.

2. Install a Roof That Lasts

While all roof materials are designed to protect your home for years, some options have some weak spots. If your roof can’t stay intact and keep its structural integrity, then it can’t do its job. At best, you’ll have to make repairs; at worst, you’ll have to put up a new roof.
For example, if you use wood shingles, then you risk pest infestation in your roof. The wood might rot, and it won’t perform as well in a fire.
Weather conditions also have adverse effects on some materials as they get older. For example, clay tiles don’t always cope well with colder conditions. Extreme cold can make the clay crack.
Or, UV rays from the sun can damage the surface of asphalt tiles. Again, this can lead to cracking. If this happens, the tile might carry water into your home.
Rubber shingles are robust, durable, and flexible. They create a strong and effective barrier; they also aren’t as affected by extreme or changing weather conditions.
For example, these shingles cope well with both hot and cold conditions. UV rays won’t damage them, wind isn’t likely to move them, and hail shouldn’t cause any damage. They are also waterproof.
Plus, as a bonus, rubber shingles are more fire-resistant than some other options. They are difficult to set afire, and they can actively slow a fire’s spread.

3. Create an Eco-Friendly Roof

If you want to make your home greener, then an environmentally friendly roof helps. Rubber shingles have some benefits here.
These shingles are often from recycled materials, such as tires. The core rubber is ground down and then molded into shingle shapes in a low-energy process. Plus, when your roof does need replacing down the line, all of your shingles will be recyclable.

4. Make an Economical Investment

Installing a new roof is a significant investment. While rubber shingles may cost more than some other roofing materials, they will save you money in other ways.
For example, these shingles are light and easy to install. Your new roof won’t just go up quickly, and you’re also likely to save on installation and labor costs.
Your maintenance and repair costs should typically stay low. Rubber shingles don’t need much work at all. You might want to paint or seal the roof every few years to keep it looking fresh, but you shouldn’t have significant problems with the shingles themselves.
If you do have minor damage to fix, like a split or leak, then this is an easy and low-cost repair. You can usually just seal the area with some liquid rubber or sealant.
Finally, remember that rubber shingles could make your home more cost-efficient from an energy perspective. Rubber can deflect heat away from the roof to keep your home naturally cooler in hot weather. It can also lock heat inside when the weather is colder. This should reduce your utility costs.
To find out more about rubber shingles, contact Rays Harford Home Improvement Contractors Inc.

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