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5 Causes of Roof Damage That Aren’t Tied to Bad Weather

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Although bad weather events such as hailstorms and windstorms are common causes of roof leaks, that doesn’t mean your roof can’t develop damage even on a sunny day that will then show up at the next rainfall. Here’s how your roof can become damaged without any hostile weather events.

1. Pests

Squirrels may be cute, but they can also be quite rascally. If squirrels manage to access your roof, they could chew and claw at any of your roof components and potentially cause considerable damage. For example, when looking for shelter, a squirrel could chew its way through your roof and into your attic.

Squirrels are just one example of pests that can cause roof damage. Some similar pests that could be found on or under your roof include raccoons, mice, and rats.

2. Accidental Damage

You don’t want to be responsible for the demise of your own roof, so you need to be extra careful how you clean it and care for it. While roof neglect is definitely a damaging habit to avoid, you also need to avoid common care mistakes that could cause damage in their own right.

One such mistake is using a pressure washer on your roof. Because of the high pressure, these tools can actually damage your shingles. The protective granules on your shingles’ surface typically wear away slowly over the roof’s lifespan. But pressure washing can knock some of these granules loose prematurely, which compromises the coating.

You should also avoid walking on your roof as it is hazardous to both you and the roof itself. And wielding a hose from the ground isn’t a great idea either; you could accidentally spray water up between the shingles and cause water damage. Instead, use a soft, long-handled brush to sweep your roof from the ground, or hire a contractor to clean the roof.

3. UV Damage

The sun may be the ultimate symbol of summer fun, but it also has damaging properties. Even if you love to sunbathe, you wouldn’t want to sunbathe from sunup to sundown like your roof does. Because your roof has so much regular exposure, the sun’s UV rays can damage your roof’s surface and make it more brittle so that it’s more likely to crack.

Sun exposure over time can also cause protective flashing to loosen. Flashing is designed to protect edges and other areas that aren’t protected by your shingles. When it’s damaged or comes loose, it can no longer prevent leaks.

4. Old Age

Even if you don’t use a power washer on your roof, it will eventually start to lose some of its resilience and weatherproofing abilities. The loss of protective granules is one way the roof can start to wear out. Loose shingles or shingles that curl up at the edges are two other signs that your roof could be aging out.

5. Debris Buildup

Dead leaves can fall onto your roof from nearby trees. Even small bits of debris can build up and form a pile, especially in a roof valley or behind your chimney. From there, any moisture (such as from dew or rain) can build up until it soaks through the roof and causes a leak.

These common causes of roof damage can originate or develop even when no bad weather is in sight. So remember, you should have your professional roofing inspections and maintenance on a regular basis, even if you haven’t had any severe storms this year.

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