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5 Common Roofing Mistakes

The roof is a key section of any house. An effective roof will protect your home from extreme weather elements and offer insulation. Nevertheless, the roof will only perform these functions if you provide proper installation and care. Discover the most common roofing mistakes.

1. Failing to Hire a Qualified Contractor

You may be tempted to complete some of the home repairs on your own. However, you may not have the skills to choose the right materials and use the appropriate methods. As a result, you could make mistakes that will affect the structural integrity of your roof. The best solution is to work with a professional and certified roofing contractor for roofing installation and repairs. For example, a roofing contractor should handle roofing problems such as damaged shingles and leaks. Similarly, not all roofing contractors have the qualifications and expertise to work on your roof. Therefore, before you hire a contractor, read online reviews and examine their previous projects.

2. Opting to Repair Instead of Replacing

Replacing a roof is costly. Therefore, you may decide to bypass these expenses and instead repair the roof. However, some roof problems may be too severe that no amount of repairs can salvage the situation. In this case, roof replacement may be less expensive than the repairs in the long term. For instance, some homeowners decide to fix the cracks on roof shingles. This solution is temporary, and the cracks could manifest later. The best approach is to replace the shingles and install more robust ones. You don’t have to replace the entire roof. Instead, you can replace a part of the roof where extensive damage has occurred. However, if your roof has become too old, then you definitely need to get a completely new roof.

3. Not Doing Regular Inspections

Regular inspections reveal the status of your roof. For example, the roof inspection can pick out missing tiles on time. When you fail to plan for regular inspections, you won’t notice emerging roof issues. As a result, minor roof problems could transform into serious structural damage. Roof inspections cut your roofing repair costs because you will only spend on minor repairs. Moreover, by doing repairs in time, you will avoid damage to your house.

4. Buying Roofing Supplies From Multiple Sources

Your roof needs to show consistency. But, if you buy roofing materials from different suppliers, you can have a mismatch. Even the smallest differences in color shades or tile sizes will be conspicuous on your roof. These differences will get more pronounced when weather elements act on your roof. Sourcing your roofing materials from multiple vendors can also present problems during repairs or partial replacement. You won’t know where to buy materials for a specific section of the roof. Therefore, the right approach is to work with one roofing materials supplier. The materials will be of the same type, quality, and specifications.

5. Ignoring the Water and Ice Shield

You may fail to install a water and ice shield, especially if your building is in an area with limited ice. However, water and ice can damage your roof over a long period. Consequently, installing the shield on various parts of your roof is crucial. Attaching a water and ice shield to the house eaves can block water from getting inside your house. Furthermore, the shield can protect the regions surrounding the chimney and the intersections of roof slopes. These installations prevent ice formation on your roof and block water from seeping into the interior. A robust roof safeguards your house and increases the value of your property. Therefore, you should work with a qualified roofing company, such as Rays Harford Home Improvement Contractors Inc. We offer commercial and residential roofing services. Contact us to get a quote.

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