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7 Reasons to Schedule a Roofing Inspection

Roofing Inspection - Ray's Harford Home Improvement Contractors Inc.

When was the last time you had your roof thoroughly inspected? If your roof is ten years or older, check it seasonally to ensure deterioration or damage doesn’t compromise the rest of your home and belongings. After all, your roof is the protective layer between the elements and your family.

Here are seven good reasons not to postpone or delay a roofing inspection.
1. Basic Property Maintenance Have your newer-roof inspected every two years as a part of basic maintenance. This provides you the opportunity to check for missing shingles, damaged gutters, and to remove any debris that could puncture the roof’s surface. Get the gutter troughs cleaned out at the same time to ensure no debris gets left behind on or near your roof.
2. Preserve Your Investment

Problems with your roof will trickle down and cause issues with your home’s integrity and safety. Plus, a shoddy or sub-par roof will be an eyesore and jeopardize the visual curb appeal of your property. Preserve your home investment – and its curb appeal, too – with regular roof inspections.
3. Look for Cracks and Gaps
The first thing that an inspector looks for is cracks or crevices that could allow for moisture to seep in. Moisture paves the way for mold, mildew, and costly damage; additionally, it can cause rot and decay in the overall structure that compromises your entire home. Know that gaps, holes, cracks, or punctures in the roof could also provide a means of access for pests, like rodents, who can wreak havoc in your attic.
4. Identify Any Leaks
A thorough roof inspection by a qualified roofing contractor helps to find and identify leaks before they can foster water damage and mold. The inspector looks for areas where water drips down and could potentially enter the home. Water is a big problem if your roof is missing shingles or in disrepair.
5. Prevent Property Damage
The inspector looks for things like missing shingles, loose chimney stone, or other elements that could pose a possible issue or damage. When it comes to blow-off, not only your property is at risk but also your neighbor’s. While home insurance may cover their property damage, it may not cover yours if the roof is ill-maintained. Have an inspector identify any potential blow-off hazards during the evaluation.
6. Conserve Energy
Are you losing energy and hard-earned money through your roof? A roof that is missing shingles, has cracks, or leaks is potentially wasting energy and costing you money month-after-month. Take care of your roof and ensure it is insulated and tight to conserve energy and see savings on your utility bills over time.
7. Safeguard Loved Ones
A roofing inspection can help you sleep better at night, knowing there is a protective barrier between your loved ones and the environment. Even a quality installed roof typically begins deteriorating after ten years, which makes a roofing inspection important for older homes and dwellings. A shoddy roof that allows for moisture and mold can be a health hazard for anyone living in the home, including your loved ones. Be sure to keep your home free of such hazards with regular inspections.
Homeowners who have regular roofing inspections may find that they get reduced rates from insurance carriers. Make sure to keep copies of documents related to your inspection and talk to your insurer to learn more.
Ready to repair or upgrade your current roof? Talk to the professionals at Ray’s Harford Home Improvement Contractors Inc. to learn more or schedule your own roof inspection. Remember that maintaining your roof is a big step toward protecting your most important investment: your home!

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