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How to Tell If You Need a New Roof

Houses with new roofs - Roofing professional in BEL AIR, ABINGDON, MARYLAND & ABERDEEN, MARYLANDYour roof is one of the most important parts of your home. The roof keeps moisture out and allows your home to maintain a comfortable temperature. It also plays an important role in the overall structural integrity of your home. Unfortunately, however, even the best roofs are not designed to last forever. For this reason, you need to have your roof inspected on a fairly regular basis. A professional can let you know how often your roof needs to be inspected, which will vary based on age, overall condition, and other factors. The good thing about regular roof inspections is that you’ll know when it’s time to replace or repair your roof. However, outside of your regular inspections, make yourself aware of the warning signs that it may be time or close to time for a new roof. Curling Shingles One of the tell-tale warning signs that it may be time for a new roof is if a lot of your shingles are curling up at the edges. This is a sign that the shingles are old, worn, and in need of replacement. If the problem has gone on long enough or is prevalent on most of the roof, you need to replace the whole roof. Dark Streaks One thing you might notice on your roof is the presence of dark streaks. The streaks may make it look like the roof is wet in some way, but the problem is more serious than that. Dark streaks occur from algae and excess moisture damage. If you notice these streaks early, you can typically have them removed without causing harm to your roof. However, have a professional assess the severity of the issue. If the algae has been allowed to sit for too long, it may have damaged the overall integrity of your roof. If so, you will need a replacement roof. Obvious Sagging Another way to tell if you’ve got a roofing problem — without climbing on top of your roof — is to take a look at your roof from a distance. Try standing out in the street where you can get a clear view of your home and your roof. If it is visibly obvious that your roof is sagging in one or more spots, the sagging could indicate a serious problem. All kinds of issues could potentially cause a sagging roof, such as failing foundations or rotting decking. The only way to determine what is causing your particular roof to sag, however, is to have a professional take a look. A lot of the time, you’ll find that the best solution to solve sagging problems is simply to replace your roof. Damaged Roof Valleys If you look closely at your roof, you will notice little v-shaped pieces, usually made of metal. These pieces are referred to as roof valleys and are important for collecting moisture and sending it off your roof. When these valleys start to get rusted or otherwise damaged, or when the shingles around them become cracked or start falling off, your roof is in trouble. When the valleys don’t work right, snow and rain can collect on your roof and then have nowhere to go, leading to damage. If you notice issues with your valleys, think about a roof replacement, or at least some major repairs before you experience more damage. No matter what roofing help you may need and no matter how long it has been since your last inspection, the roofing experts at Ray’s Harford Home Improvement Contractors Inc.can provide you with the advice and assistance you need. Contact us anytime you need help with your roof.  

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