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The Pros and Cons of Warm-Weather Roof Replacement

The Pros and Cons of Warm-Weather Roof Replacement

Should you get a new roof this summer? If you have plans for a home upgrade, take a look at what you need to know about summertime roof replacement.

What Are the Pros of Summertime Roof Replacement?

Each season has pros and cons of roof replacement timing. With the warm weather here at last, you may want to consider a summertime roofing installation service. Before you make a decision, explore the benefits of a professional installation within the next few months. These include:

  • No snow or ice. Dryness is key to a successful roof installation. Even though rain can dampen a roof, a steady snow or a slick ice covering can make working on or installing a replacement roof impossible.
  • Less risk. Not only do ice and snow present installation issues, but the slippery surface could pose a serious safety risk to anyone who attempts to walk on your roof — even a trained professional.
  • Longer days. The short winter days may not provide the amount of light the roofer needs to complete the job as quickly as you would like. But the longer summer daylight hours may give the contractor more time to work.
  • Vacation time. If you plan to stay home while the roofers work, summer is the ideal season to use your vacation days.

Even though a summer roof installation has plenty of benefits, it also comes with some negatives. Discuss the pros and cons of a summertime service with your roofer before you make an installation decision.

What Are the Cons of Summertime Roof Replacement?

Do you need more information before scheduling a roof replacement? If you’re not sure whether to buy a new roof now or wait a few months, consider:

  • The contractor. Extreme heat may make the installation a challenge. The contractor may struggle to work all day in high temperatures or direct sunlight.
  • The materials. Some roofing materials don’t react well with high temperatures. Even though you can install most types of roofing year-round, asphalt shingles may present challenges in excessive heat or direct summer sunlight.
  • The rain. While you won’t have to worry about snow during a summertime roof installation, you may need to worry about rain. Again, a slippery surface isn’t ideal for a roofing project. Heavy summer storms may shut down and delay your roof installation.

Are the cons strong enough to outweigh the pros? A qualified roofing contractor can guide you through the process, answer questions, and offer alternative ideas. If you feel the summer isn’t the best time to purchase or install a new roof, the roofing contractor can help you to schedule this service later in the year.

Which Season Is the Best Option for Your Roof Replacement?

The decision to wait and not install a roof during the summer months doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy a replacement. You can still discuss your options with a roofer and schedule an installation date in the future. If you’re not sure which season is the best option for an installation, consider:

  • The fall. You won’t have to worry about the snow or ice, provided you schedule the service in the early fall. Along with drier weather, mid-fall is cool enough to avoid heat-related installation issues.
  • The winter. While the winter isn’t ideal for installation, a few temperate days can make a roofing service possible. Winter is typically an off-peak season for roofing. This may make scheduling easier.
  • The spring. The spring showers can make the installation project tricky, but a few dry days may provide the mid-range temperatures necessary for a comfortable roof replacement.

While you might want to wait for the installation itself, you can choose a new roof any time of the year — including right now. If you plan to set up a service later in the year, the sooner you schedule the replacement, the more likely you are to get the appointment/time you want.

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